Unusual Tiffany style energy saving wax & resin lamps, lampshades & lighting. Contemporary designs including table lamps, globes & uplighters

wax tiffany style lamps and lampshades
wax tiffany style lamps and lampshades
tiffany style wax resin contemporary lamp tiffany style wax resin contemporary lamp tiffany style wax resin contemporary lamp


The Wax Dome - Carboniferous Forest

Will be showing for the first time at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery from the 26th February 2005 to 17th April 2005.

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The Wax Dome - Carboniferous Forest The Wax Dome - Carboniferous Forest

Rowan and Ken in the flint barn

Artist - Ken Parsons, Nottingham on-site construction - Bibi, Computer programming for sound and light - Matthew Parsons. Voice-over - Amber Parsons, Construction Ken Parsons and Mike Askew with help from Duncan, Rowan Banks(and Peta) and Daven Parsons.

Acknowledgement for Dome framework construction expertise and hubs to Udgar Parsons at Growing Spaces.

Many thanks to Caroline Smallwood for her vision and enthusiasm, to Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the.Esmee Fairbairn foundation

As far as the lampshades go, we are in the process of building a new workshop here in Norwich.

We are still recovering from the intense effort of the construction and showing of this huge and totally unique artwork. It took well over 3000 man-hours to construct, but was well worth it. See some of the comments by clicking here and by clicking on the 'Wax Room' link at the foot of the page.

Over 1600 people came to see the room in the 3 weeks it was sited in the Meadows during the Fringe. We also had some unwelcome drunken guests in the small hours, mainly at the weekends. The police had to be called twice by the heroic Ross.

The Desert Wall

The Desert Wall

Despite overwhelming positive responses from all who immersed themselves in the intense colour and music of the 'Wax Room', we have not yet found a permanent or semi-permanent site for it. Though we do have high hopes for a collaboration with Out of the Blue's putative new site in Dalmeny St. Edinburgh.

The Snow Wall

Snow Wall

Amazingly Disney from Florida sent a couple of talent scouts down with whom I have been in touch, though, again, nothing solid has emerged yet.

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The Wax Room

A total immersion in incredibly intricate light and colour

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